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Floodplain Administration

Click on links below for important Floodplain Information:

Newton County Floodplain Damage Prevention Order (Newton County Floodplain Ordinance)

Floodplain Permit Application

Newton County Flood Insurance Study dated 11/16/2018

Requirements for Newton County

Hazard Mitigation Action Plan 2022

Model Subdivision Rules (2004)

Anyone wanting to place an RV park or subdivision within Newton County will need to refer to the Model Subdivision Rules; most recent version is 2004 but is subject to change.

ALL NEW DEVELOPMENT requires a Floodplain Development Application be completed and processed prior to start of construction.  This includes but is not limited to:  floodplain zone inquiries, new construction, subdivisions, RV parks, mobile homes, tiny homes, portable buildings and substantial improvements.

Newton County wants to help protect our residents from loss of life and damage to property.

This process will determine any additional requirements relating to your site location and
proposed development.

Floodplain Administrator:       Judge Ronald Cochran

Floodplain Office:                   (409) 379-5691
                                                110 E. Court Street, Room 125
                                                 Newton, TX.  75966

Mailing Address:                     P.O. Box 1380
                                                 Newton, TX.  75966

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